SEO in 2014 – Still Easy To Do

How to Rank Any Book, SEO in 2014

Web Page on Google Page 1 – Guaranteed!

Presented by: John Pearce & Chris Cantell
Hosted by: Jay Boyer & John S. Rhodes

I wanted to share this informative PDF with you from a webinar I attended last Friday. Wow!

So, I thought SEO was dead – well it’s not! Here is SEO in 2014!

Thanks to John & Chris, I feel like have some control over how my page shows up in Google. I really thought all was over. Thanks, guys!

Quick rundown of PDF:

1. Google likes quality and authority.
On Page – quality
Off Page – authority

2. Google likes natural
Unnaturally high use of your main keywords in not natural
Hundreds of links in one day is not natural

3. Google likes WordPress sites.

4. Use H1 and H2 tag

5. Make your site media rich (with videos and images that contain alt tags set)

6. Use keyword variations

Download the PDF here and see for yourself how to do SEO in 2014.

Also, check out this video titled SEO in 2014. Lisa is extremely knowledgeable regarding SEO.

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