Rich people who believe in Law of Attraction

I want to keep a list of rich people who believe in LOA.

1) Robert Kiyosaki Rich dad Poor Dad book says:

Giving money is the secret to most wealthy families. That is why there are organizations like the Rockefeller Foundation and the Ford Foundation. These are organizations designed to take their wealth and increase it, as well as give it away in perpetuity. My educated dad always said, “When I have it.” The some extra money, I’ll give it.” The give there was never any extra. Rather than focus on the most important law of money: “Give and you shall receive.” Instead, he believed in “Receive and then you give.”

Robert Kiyosaki

2) Oprah Winfrey:


3) Jim Carrey:


4) Brian Tracy:

Brian Tracy LOA
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5) Will Smith:

Gets metaphysical in the video below. He believes you create your own destiny.

6) Jonathan Budd

Unstoppable entrepreneur – millionaire marketer – made $26 million by age of 23!

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