Programming Your Mind with YouTube While You Sleep – Learning from YouTube AutoPlay


Lately, I have been falling asleep to YouTube. What I do is watch a video that relates to success and money, then I leave the YouTube “auto-play” function on. This allows YouTube to continue playing related videos while I sleep. I like this because I randomly wake up to great minds with good advice.

Last night, I fell asleep to a new guru named “Ameer Rosic“. He caught my attention with his “Sell Like A Boss” video.

This morning I woke up to Ameer interviewing a man named “Dan Pena”. Here’s the video…

Why did this catch my attention?

First – my brother’s last name is Pena. So I’m thinking, “Wow! A billionaire, latino named Pena? In the US? Is that possible?“. Apparently it is not only possible but reality. I’m happy to have found Mr. Pena.

Some information about Dan Pena:

In an 8-year period, starting with only $820, Mr. Peña grew Great Western Resources to $450 million while energy prices collapsed, the price of oil dropped from $40 to less than $8 per barrel and more than 10,000 energy companies in the US alone went out of business. During this massive energy decline GWRI grew a phenomenal 55 million percent.
Mr. Peña is an extremely dynamic and powerful speaker, motivator, and grand master entrepreneur. His Quantum Leap Advantage™ high performance business success seminars have been in demand in the United States, Canada and Europe. His seminars have been sponsored by various US and foreign universities and corporations such as Dell as well as The National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO).

Here’s more about Dan Pena:

Here’s the castle he lives in:

Enjoy 🙂

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