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Are you looking for phonic books that represent your family?

If so, then Phonics For Us! is what you need.

WeLiveHereToo Publishing is a brand new publishing company with a mission to ensure all family structures are represented in children’s phonic books. My family and I started the company back in 2015!

The author, Jennifer Sendling-Ortiz, believes that children not only need to see their families represented in the books they read, but also to see them represented within the context of everyday childhood actions and behaviors.

The first Phonics For Us! series will focus on same-sex parents.

  1. Volume #1: Tad Has a New Hat (kindle and paperback).
  2. Volume #2: Amy Take the Cake (kindle and paperback).
  3. Volume #3: Coming January 2016.

The second Phonics For Us! series will focus on adoptive families.  Coming March 2016.

To get a free Phonics For Us! book, visit this link:

To get free Phonics For Us! printable coloring pages, visit this link:

Check out the introductory video below…


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