Money is Like a Seed. So Grow Rich Now!

Money is like a seed.
Money is like a seed.

Hi Friends,

Money is Like a Seed – have you heard of this simile?

Well, I stumbled across this article today and loved the comparison.

Here’s some text from the post.

Each dollar that comes in to your hand has the potential to be planted, grow, and expand into far more money. It’s no different than a farmer growing corn. You can either eat your seed, or plant your seed. One gives you satisfaction today; the other can feed your family for generations.

The capitalist class understands that time is the friend of money. Like a great oak tree from a tiny acorn, the longer capital can be left to grow, the larger the ultimate fortune will be.

 Using our earlier example, if the same teenager could earn 15% on his $10,000 annual investment instead of 12%, that seemingly small difference of 3% per year over 61 years would result in more than $336,000,000 in wealth.

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