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BenFrank Quote

This Power of Mind blog post inspired me today via email. Thank you.

Success is never easy, and failure is part of success. The sad part is that most of us are deterred by the mere thought of failure, and this paralyzes us from taking the right course of action.


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 “Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has, but by the…” – T.Broker

 “Associate with men of good quality…” – George Washington

“Be sure to put your feet in the right place, then stand firm” – Abe Lincoln

 “It’s amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit” – Harry Truman

 “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life…” – Steve Jobs

 “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination” – Albert Einstein

Connect.Me.MD – Personal Health IT


As a Healthcare IT professional, I would love to help get patient information in the hands of the actual patient.

I write a bit about it here: http://hl7starterkit.com/personal-health-it-phit-how-can-we-help/

This post is a follow up to that post.

We definitely are on our way to making a difference in the patient/provider world.

Although, I can’t discuss exactly what our product will do.

I can say that it is in the Personal Health IT (PHIT) space and our name is:


Six Wealthy People You Didn’t Know Meditated


Is meditation really a ritual that can bring wealth and success? I can definitely believe it can bring peace and happiness – but riches? Really?

I actually meditate but I have my own system. I combine Pscyo Cybernetics with gratitude and try real hard to fall into the “gap” and “get in tune” (as Deepak Chopra calls it). I use MindValley’s OhmHarmonics demo – that’s it – lol. Ever since I started meditating, my salary has jumped 33% and now live in my dream home. Hmm…could it be true or just a coincidence?

Let’s take a look at famous, wealthy people who meditate.

Make up your own opinion…

1) Russell Simmons

everyday if possible…let the noise settle.

Russell Simmons. (5:09)

Meditation makes you happy…meditation gives you greater brain function (1:10)

2) Howard Stern

“It’s not like that. I (learned when I) was 18 years old. I was in college. My mother was severely depressed—her sister had died and she took it very, very hard. I was worried about her…. I get a call one day from this happy, elated woman and I wonder, ‘Who is this?’ and it’s my mother. She tells me she was watching the Johnny Carson Show and she saw Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and she went on and learned Transcendental Meditation. My mother sounded transformed. She said to me, ‘Come on, I want to take you down to the TM Center.’ I did it. And it’s the easiest thing I ever did. I have been doing it since I was 18. I love to do it after the show. I find it very relaxing.” http://www.tm.org/blog/people/howard-stern-and-david-letterman-discuss-tm/

howard stern

3) Jerry Seinfeld

It seems Seinfeld, who’s been a devotee of the TM movement for decades, is so committed to his twice-daily meditation that he has it built into his shooting schedules. http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/gossip/confidential/seinfeld-meditation-job-article-1.2013166

I have now been doing (TM) 41 years.

4) Tina Turner

“Nam-myoho-renge-kyo” is a song. In the Soka Gakkai tradition we are taught how to sing it. It is a sound and a rhythm and it touches a place inside you. That place we try to reach is the subconscious mind. I believe that it is the highest place and, if you communicate with it, that is when you receive information on what to do. https://micademijatovic.wordpress.com/2013/03/31/tina-turner-on-her-buddhist-practice/

 5) George Lucas

George learnt to meditate in the ’70s and makes no distinction between his meditation practice and film work. Star Wars is largely based on the teachings he’s gained on his meditation journey, and his “quest for immaculate reality” also gave birth to the most enlightened big-screen star of them all: Yoda. http://hijacked.com.au/famous-meditators-from-russell-to-madonna

 Wikipedia George Lucas

6) David Lynch

There’s an ocean of pure, vibrant consciousness inside each one of us and it’s right at the source and base of mind. This pure consciousness is called –  by modern physics – the unified field. It’s at the base of all mind and all matter. And they all say all of matter – everything that is a thing – emerges from this field. It’s like an ocean of solutions.



Amazon Proven Course – My Initial Impression


Here it is in a nutshell – by Jim Cochrum:
Jim Cochrum Quote

I found Jim Cochrum thanks to Jay Boyer’s email this week. He sent me an affiliate link to check out Jim’s Proven Amazon Course system. I immediately jumped at the sales page, since I have been wanting to create an Amazon FBA business for a while now. However, I wanted to buy Amazing Selling Machine and the price for that was $3,500 last year. Presently, that is a bit too steep for me.

I immediately googled Jim and found his responses to the Warrior Forum members.


Here’s Jim’s responses in Warrior Forum – click image:


Then I read on the Warrior Forum that Jim had an ebook. I immediately went to Amazon and found his book.

Here’s Jim’s book (free with Kindle Unlimited) – click image:


While reading his book, I was pleasantly surprised that he also homeschools his kids. Jim is living the life that I want – the internet dot com lifestyle. I, too, want to have a home office so that I can take time off when I want and accompany my kids on their homeschool events.

Thank you, Jim! You are an inspiration 🙂  I have no doubt in my mind I can follow in your footsteps. Thank you for the book and the system you created.

Here’s Jim’s system (click image):


The cost is $267. You can do 3 payments of $89 to ease the cost a bit, which is what I will likely do.

Click on the link above and read his book today. It’s free with Amazon Kindle Unlimited!

Free Ebook – Rich Dad Poor Dad | Free Ebook – Cashflow Quadrant – Rich Dad
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Free Path To Wealth Kit – Gravity Manifestation

Today, I saw an email from Joe Vitale in my inbox. Knowing how much value he provides, I opened it and clicked the link.


I was just finished with my daily meditation exercise, so I was happy to find the Gravity Manifestation program.

I was instantly fascinated, since I have been trying so hard to find time to learn more about Albert Einstein and Law of Attraction. This system came at the right time for me!

No, I did not buy it but the information in this video was very inspiring to me. It’s almost identical to the way I manifested all the items on my dreamboard of 2013. I have been wanting to put together what I want to call my “Free Path to Wealth” kit.  What I want to do is document exactly what I did, what I listened to in my daily life to reach my dreams.

Although I haven’t purchased this sytem yet, I do highly recommend it. I can tell you from experience, it works! It’s pretty much what I did last year.

What I really like about their approach is including science and tying Law of Attraction to Albert Einstein. It all makes much sense.

Enjoy it!

Free Path To Wealth Kit

iPC Realty Group, LLC – We are officially an LLC!

iPC Realty Group, LLC
iPC Realty Group, LLC

iPC Realty Group was born on September 11, 2014!

Here is the RI link to our business: iPC Realty Group, LLC.

We are ready to start our wealth journey real estate investing while helping people and communities.

  • The “i” is for Investing (least important)
  • The “P” is for People (very important)
  • The “C” is for Communities (super important).

-iPC Realty Group, LLC

iPC Realty Group, LLC
iPC Realty Group, LLC

Virtual Wholesaling – My Notes

Virtual Wholesaling
Virtual Wholesaling Blueprint – Check it out!

Thanks, to Cris Chico for making me aware of virtual wholesaling.

I find this a fascinating topic, so i watched ALL his videos. You should, too.

5 steps to first virtual wholesale deal

1. find highly motivated sellers
2. find best cash buyers
3. implement the right marketing
4. work less by using systems
5. make offers and close deals

Step 1: find highly motivated sellers

– lots of ways of finding deals – pre foreclosure lists, eviction lists, divorce lists, etc.. (NO, NO, NO) – lots of competition with these kinds of leads etc… lots of manual labor (bandit signs), high rejection rate, hard to do volume with this method

– go after the abundance !! – the “tired landlord”

– why tired landlords? – easy to find, start small and ramp up as you do more deals, very little competition, poor marketing to these leads can be bad!

– single family, duplex, triplex, fourplex // own property for at least 10 years , landlord must own property in THEIR NAME , focus on zip codes that have most investor buyer activity.

Step 2: find best cash buyers

CRITERIA for the best cash buyer:

> purchased an investment property in last 3-6 months
> target single family houses, duplex, triplex, or fourplex
> narrow down the zip codes to buyers who have bought in that area

Step 3: implement the right marketing

– Marketing is not a generic process
– Good old fahsioned mail is the KEY!
– mail is easy to get started, less competition with direct mail, no need to print anythinf or deal with grunt work, WILL NOT find tired landlords any other way.
– why do investors FAIL at direct mail? – very redundant and unoriginal.

STEP 4: work less by using systems

– Systems eliminate grunt work , allow me to focus on my business, lots less time and efort
– use online tools to find sellers, automated marketing, seller screening systems, buyer screening system, lead evaluation system , closing and collecting money system.
> finding sellers and buyers online: – listsource.com // realquest.com – CONTACT HIM FOR SPECIAL ACCOUNTS
> automate marketing using direct mail – click2mail.com -(we will be able to upload list and use his postcard template)
> Use 24-hour recorded message system – seller calls special number on postcards and listens to my recorded message // only the motivated sellers leave a message // eliminates the explainations , frees your TIME and LITTLE TO NO SELLING INVOLVED.
> CASH BUYERS? -same as seller method (from the 24 hour recorded message, the buyers will be directed to a website OR call a 24 hour recorded message)

* 1200 postcards for $400 – received 285 calls

STEP 5: make offers and close deals

– speaking with seller (use seller lead sheet)
– 15 second evaluation technique (if used correctly- there is no need to worry about repair estimate or looking at the property)
– make an offer right over phone!
– what happens when we find a deal? –
> fill out “risk free” agreement (there is both a seller and buyer agreement)
> sell the deal to buyers – if they say yes, use the asignment contract

Watch the FREE Virtual Wholesaling videos here:


Rich People Who Don’t Believe in God!

Bill Gates Athiest Agnostic
Bill Gates Athiest Agnostic

WARNING! DO NOT READ if you are offended by other people’s perspectives.

Hi Friends,

This is a very cool article of famous rich people who are either Athiest, Agnostic, or both. There is a difference between the two perspectives. An Athiest absolutely believes there is NO GOD! Just like Christians believe there IS A GOD! An Agnostic is Bill Gates perspective – they just are not sure.

The most shocking person I found on this list is both Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg!

The one I did know about was Howard Stern. He has been very vocal about his perspective.

Who surprised you? Leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading!

Here’s that link again: Rich People Who Don’t Believe in God!