Free TV

We did it! We finally cut the cord. Well really it’s the 2nd time in the last 14 years. This time we really don’t miss cable tv!

Here’s what we use to keep up. Then I use $35 Chromecast device to send what I’m watching on my Chrome web browser up to the TV!


  • free for network channels like ABC, NBC, etc
  • – free movies, channel guide with schedule
  • – Free Seinfeld, Movies Sony Crackle made TV shows


  • – $8/month
  • – $8/month
  • – $9.99/month

Successful People who read Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich

Bill Gates (Microsoft Founder)

Daymond John (Fubu Founder, Shark Tank)

Patrick Bet-David (Millionaire Entreprenuer)

Grant Cardone (Millionaire Entreprenuer/Sales Master)

Buy Your Own Oil Well – Get Huge Tax Breaks


Need to thank the Elevation Group for this information.

For $80,000 to $100,000 you can buy your own oil well.

I have heard Robert Kiyosaki (who invests in oil fields) and other wealthy investors discuss investing in oil; however, of course they never give details. Oh, not that the Elevation Group has given much either, but they have at least made us aware of this.

The resources on this page say that if you invest $100,000 today, the government immediately give you tax break of $30,000.

Here are some resources on how to own your own well.

Here are some resources on controversial “fracking”. Just in case you are concerned or someone has attempted to sway you not to drill…be informed!


Buy Apps – Don’t Build From Scratch

Hi! Thanks for your time today.

So, I was up late and saw this great video by Tai Lopez. OMG…I was so inspired tonight…

Then I signed up for this site…

You can sell apps, too 🙂

What do you think?

Here are some rules from the video:

1) Hire CPA to confirm revenue.
2) Buy into industry you understand.
3) If possible, create earn out situation. Get help with business from owner.


Break the Poverty Cycle – Family Bank

Break the poverty cycle – Family Bank –


Introducing Robert Zuniga from

Robert is another person that thinks like I do regarding the Family Bank concept.

I love this video “Why Is Understanding Human Factors Critical To The Infinite Banking Concept?“, because Robert explains – perfectly – how your Family Bank can break the cycle of poverty! He displays how you can influence generations to come.

Watch below…now! Must see!



Financing Your Business – Family Bank


Thank you for reading!

If you haven’t heard of the “Family Bank” concept – then here’s more information: FreePathToWealth Family Bank category.

Bottom line…you can pass on money from generation to generation – tax free!

I am constantly reading and watching videos on this life-freeing concept. I will be opening two policies this year via with an agent who has 7 policies herself.

FinancialFreedom Family Bank

You want to fund your own business – without the need for a bank? You can do this with your own Family Bank. No credit checks and no hassles. You just need to start now, so that in a few years – you are ready to become your own bank!

Here’s a great example! If you go the common route with a bank – you can save over $1 million dollars in 30 years for retirement.

If you use your own Family Bank, you can save over $30 million in 30  years for retirement!!!

That’s the difference between being poor or rich when you retire! Plus, you still have your death benefit for you family!

Don’t take my word for it…see the video below for proof!

 Here’s a podcast from Paradigm Resources that confirm the “Family Bank”.



Easily Replace Your Wii U Gamepad Broken Screen


Does your WII U gamepad look like the image above?

Did you accidentally break the gamepad tablet?

If so, then you have come to the right place! YES! No joke – you can fix it yourself and save $100!


Last week, my son came over to me and showed me his broken Wii U gamepad screen. It was very interesting, since it looked cracked but there was no sign of physical damage (at least on the outside). The Wii U screen just looked cracked.

Can you live without the gamepad?

At first, we thought that we could live without the gamepad tablet, since it isn’t necessary to play all games (just some). But then my son signed up for the Nintendo app store and needed to type a username and password. YUP! We needed the gamepad tablet to type 🙁

SO…yes, we needed to fix it. It’s silly to have a game system and not have the ability to type.


Like you are doing right now, we looked all over the internet. We found the following:

  1. Nintendo Repair Request: They charge over $100 to repair and $150 for a new tablet. That seemed excessive to  me:
  2. YouTube Repair Videos.
  3. Parts on Amazon and Ebay.
  4. Forums of people stressed about having to spend $150 for a new Wii U tablet. (Myself included – lol).

Well, since I have experience repairing computers, I convinced my son to save his $150 and learn to repair it instead.


Yes, we decided to repair the tablet ourselves and saved $100!

We needed a really good video tutorial and the Wii parts.

Here’s what we found and used:

We live in New England, USA, and the screen arrived within 5 days from Pennsylvania!


My wife and 3 kids grabbed the package, the laptop, and fired up the step-by-step tutorial.

We quickly realized we were missing a tool. YES, the ebay parts came with the special 3-prong tool, so that’s great. However, it didn’t come with a mini-philips head. So, off to wal-mart to get one. A screw driver from an eyeglass repeair kit will work. It’s the tiniest you can buy. Once we had it, we were ready to roll.

Parts needed:

  1. Wii U Screen replacement: both the video screen and the touch screen are needed.
  2. Wii U Special Tool: 3-prong tool that should come with the screen.
  3. YouTube Video Tutorial: The one we used is below.
  4. Some patience: The parts on the system board are VERY small! Take your time and watch the entire video below BEFORE you start opening the Wii.

Here are some photos of the repair job!

Wii U Gamepad Opened


Wii U Gamepad Systemboard Screw

Contact us with any questions. We can also fix for you for $95 including shipping – anywhere in the USA!

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2 YouTube Embed Code Tricks –

Hidden Embedded YouTube Controls

Hi Friends,

I discovered this cool trick that actually has solved my YouTube video embedding issues.


When I embed a YouTube video, the video controls are always present. Even worse though, YouTube adds the “watch on YouTube option” and allows my video watchers to leave my page/blog and go to YouTube. This is pretty frustrating if you are trying to keep your readers engaged on your site.

Example of embedded YouTube video with video controls.
YouTube Video with "watch on YouTube" option.
YouTube Video with “watch on YouTube” option.


Modify the embedded code that YouTube gives you to hide the embedded Youtube controls.

Example of embedded YouTube video with hidden controls.

See some tips below…

Tip #1:

Add the following code to your YouTube embed code.


You will place it in your SRC section directly after your video’s full URL. See an example below…


 Tip #2:

You can set the video to automatically start once the visitor loads your page.

Set the option to zero “1” to automatically start video.


Set the option to zero “0” to automatically stop video.


Here are real embedded examples:

This is hidden controls with no “watch on YouTube”. Notice when you hover over the video that the you canNOT leave my web page to watch the video on YouTube.

Here’s the embedded YouTube code to place in iframe tags:

src="" height="315" width="420" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0"

This is with controls with “watch on YouTube”. Notice when you hover over the video how you are able to leave my blog page to watch the video on

Embedded YouTube Code to place in iframe tags:

src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen width="420" height="315"

To your wealth and happiness!

How To Make A Star At Anything – Tony Robbins


Hi Friends,

I don’t even want to ruin this awesome video with too many words.

Tony breaks it down to a circular system he brought to realization:

Potential (Absolute Certainty) > Action (Tap Full Potential) > Results (Take Massive Action) > Belief (Get Massive Results)

“This is what makes people a star at anything.” – Tony Robbins

Please watch…