Raspberry Pi for Kids – Teach Kids to Program

Why raspberry pi?

-Teach kids how to unbox and put together their very own computer. It’s so cheap. The computer unit itself is $35!
-Can teach your kids to program in MIT’s Scratch programming language.
-The future is the internet of things (iOT)! Microsoft released an iOT Windows 10 version specifically for rasperry pi.
-Create something cool with your kids. Help them become entrepreneurs. Create a product to sell.

What do you need?

-Raspberry pi (suggest latest version they are faster).
-Monitor. (need hdmi to vga adapter if your monitor is VGA. the unit has HDMI).
-USB Keyboard and Mouse that is Linux compatible.
-See image below for exactly what I purchased.




Here are the links:

  1. Raspberry Pi 3
  2. Compatible Keyboard and mouse
  3. Raspberry Pi Book for Kids
  4. HDMI to VGA converter for your VGA monitor

FREE Business Plan for Kids

Hi Friends,

FREE Business Plan for Kids… A 9-Year-Old Business Owner Shares Her Secret With You On How To Quickly, Easily Create a Business Plan.

This is my oldest daughter, Zoe. Her entire story is on her website (www.ZoesBigIdea.com), but here’s the short version of her business plan.

When she makes a steady stream of income, she wants to teach other kids to open their own business.

For now, here’s her free business plan for kids. She asked me to please share with others…

Some tips:

  • Zoe raised half the money for the machine with 2 yard sales. We paid for the other half. If your kid is serious, make the machine a b-day and christmas gift combination.
  • We looked on Craigslist.org for “claw machine” and found a few.  A good one ranges from $500 – $1000. Call the sellers and alert them the machine is for your child’s first business. People love to help kids.
  • Don’t be afraid to travel out a bit to find the perfect claw machine. We drove 4 hours round trip to find Zoe’s machine.

Get a free Science of Getting Rich book here – Free Ebook.