Free TV

We did it! We finally cut the cord. Well really it’s the 2nd time in the last 14 years. This time we really don’t miss cable tv!

Here’s what we use to keep up. Then I use $35 Chromecast device to send what I’m watching on my Chrome web browser up to the TV!


  • free for network channels like ABC, NBC, etc
  • – free movies, channel guide with schedule
  • – Free Seinfeld, Movies Sony Crackle made TV shows


  • – $8/month
  • – $8/month
  • – $9.99/month

Buy Apps – Don’t Build From Scratch

Hi! Thanks for your time today.

So, I was up late and saw this great video by Tai Lopez. OMG…I was so inspired tonight…

Then I signed up for this site…

You can sell apps, too 🙂

What do you think?

Here are some rules from the video:

1) Hire CPA to confirm revenue.
2) Buy into industry you understand.
3) If possible, create earn out situation. Get help with business from owner.


Phonics For Us! – Free Phonics Book – Reader Books for Alternative Families


Are you looking for phonic books that represent your family?

If so, then Phonics For Us! is what you need.

WeLiveHereToo Publishing is a brand new publishing company with a mission to ensure all family structures are represented in children’s phonic books. My family and I started the company back in 2015!

The author, Jennifer Sendling-Ortiz, believes that children not only need to see their families represented in the books they read, but also to see them represented within the context of everyday childhood actions and behaviors.

The first Phonics For Us! series will focus on same-sex parents.

  1. Volume #1: Tad Has a New Hat (kindle and paperback).
  2. Volume #2: Amy Take the Cake (kindle and paperback).
  3. Volume #3: Coming January 2016.

The second Phonics For Us! series will focus on adoptive families.  Coming March 2016.

To get a free Phonics For Us! book, visit this link:

To get free Phonics For Us! printable coloring pages, visit this link:

Check out the introductory video below…


Amazon Ranking System – Novel Rank Review –

Tell Me My Rank

Hi Friends,

I’m looking for a reliable, real-time data tool to track my Amazon Book Rankings.

I found Novel Rank, but the data is not real time and is unreliable, as you will see in the video below. This is my account:

I’m looking for beta testers!!!

Help me make a great site for Amazon Authors built by Amazon Authors.


There are other Amazon Ranking tools out there; however they are either unreliable or very expensive. Here is a list…

  • (not free)
  • (not free)
  • (free)

Sign up for today! If you sign up now, you will have a FREE account forever! (NOTE: I will be charging a monthly rate in the near future.)

Thanks for watching!

Amazon Royalty Matrix – Jay Boyer and Company


From the email they sent me:

Your chance to create your own
lucrative Amazon publishing biz in
2015 using the same tools & training
that thousands of our students have
enjoyed success…


I’m not sure if the links above will work by the time you read this blog.

Click here to download the free workshop guide from this site: AmazonRoyaltyMatrix.

FREE 3D Book Cover Generator

Hi Friends,

Have you seen this cool 3dD Ebook cover creator?

I’m in the process of writing my first ebook and found this awesome tool.

I wanted to demonstrate it for you.

3 Easy Steps:
1) Choose a cover
2) Choose a backside
3) Choose a book spine

So my book will be about a Healthcare IT standard called HL7. The site is My book will be named HL7 Starter Kit. So all I have to do is add my front page, side binder, and back page – voila a 3d book cover 🙂 Isn’t that just awesome.

Instructions on the page, too.

UPDATE: The cover generator above is hard cover. Here is a soft cover:

SEO in 2014 – Still Easy To Do

How to Rank Any Book, SEO in 2014

Web Page on Google Page 1 – Guaranteed!

Presented by: John Pearce & Chris Cantell
Hosted by: Jay Boyer & John S. Rhodes

I wanted to share this informative PDF with you from a webinar I attended last Friday. Wow!

So, I thought SEO was dead – well it’s not! Here is SEO in 2014!

Thanks to John & Chris, I feel like have some control over how my page shows up in Google. I really thought all was over. Thanks, guys!

Quick rundown of PDF:

1. Google likes quality and authority.
On Page – quality
Off Page – authority

2. Google likes natural
Unnaturally high use of your main keywords in not natural
Hundreds of links in one day is not natural

3. Google likes WordPress sites.

4. Use H1 and H2 tag

5. Make your site media rich (with videos and images that contain alt tags set)

6. Use keyword variations

Download the PDF here and see for yourself how to do SEO in 2014.

Also, check out this video titled SEO in 2014. Lisa is extremely knowledgeable regarding SEO.