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I wanted to share this link I found today.

I hope it still works, as this book is an eye opener for any middle-class American who is looking to be a self-made millionaire.

A must read! Steve does a great job making 100 comparisons between how Middle Class thinks and Rich People think.

Here is the link:

If it doesn’t work, it’s very affordable on Amazon. Click below to buy paperback.


Raspberry Pi for Kids – Teach Kids to Program

Why raspberry pi?

-Teach kids how to unbox and put together their very own computer. It’s so cheap. The computer unit itself is $35!
-Can teach your kids to program in MIT’s Scratch programming language.
-The future is the internet of things (iOT)! Microsoft released an iOT Windows 10 version specifically for rasperry pi.
-Create something cool with your kids. Help them become entrepreneurs. Create a product to sell.

What do you need?

-Raspberry pi (suggest latest version they are faster).
-Monitor. (need hdmi to vga adapter if your monitor is VGA. the unit has HDMI).
-USB Keyboard and Mouse that is Linux compatible.
-See image below for exactly what I purchased.




Here are the links:

  1. Raspberry Pi 3
  2. Compatible Keyboard and mouse
  3. Raspberry Pi Book for Kids
  4. HDMI to VGA converter for your VGA monitor

Be Your Own Bank – Proof It’s Not a Scam!

Family Bank -

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Last month I wrote this blog post, “Be Your Own Bank – Is this A Scam?” I have been researching this method to see if Pamela Yellen is the real deal. Well, she is the real deal! I found the method in a book written by George Antone titled The Banker’s Code.


If you want it free, download it here: The Banker’s Code.

Basically, Chapter 12 discusses the method of creating your own bank from life insurance policy. It does a great job explaining the difference between regular whole life insurance and this method.

Both standard permanent whole life insurance has and your bank method have 2 parts:

  1. Death Benefit
  2. Cash Value

The “typical” setup is to maximize the death benefit and minimize the cash value.

The create your own bank method is the other way around. You want to maximize cash value and minimize the death benefit.

Here’s a great visual from the book (page 119 of the PDF).

Create Your Own Bank vs Whole Life Perm Insurance

Here’s an excerpt from Chapter 12:

The banking system method allows you to recapture your interest. By simply using your banking system, you’re building wealth automatically. Now, let’s suppose you can buy some goods using your credit card. The credit card charges you 12% interest. Would you prefer to borrow money from your own banking system or from another bank? Obviously, if you’re going to pay 12% anyway, why not pay it to your own banking system? After all, where else can you make The banking system method allows you to recapture your interest. By simply using your banking system, you’re building wealth automatically. THE BANKER’S CODE an easy 12%? This is the same money you were going to pay to another bank regardless.

 Your goal should be to redirect, as quickly as possible, most of that 34.5% into your banking system.

 Perhaps it could be as simple as borrowing money from your system to pay off your credit cards, and then start making monthly payments to your banking system with the same money you would have used to pay your credit card bills.

I loved the book and highly recommend it. George Antone seems like a real expert in creating wealth. Plus he loves Robert Kiyosaki – which is always a big plus!

There are 2 takeaways for me that I intent to ask the advisers when I contact them in 2016 for a free consultation.

  1. George says he doesn’t see borrowing from your own bank for every single loan you need. He says you shouldn’t borrow for everything. He says on page 124, that if you have a load for 0% from a car dealer or a regular bank – that you should take it. The advisers imply that you should borrow from your bank for ALL your loans/expenses. From the book: Some “experts” are extreme advocates of using the banking system for any and every loan. I disagree. For example, if you can get an auto loan for 0% to buy a car, why would you use your banking system to do that? Use the third-party financial institution. Some of these “experts” insist on using your banking system to buy the car loan and charging yourself a higher interest! They’re not considering the opportunity cost. Just use common sense and ask a lot of questions!
  2. When you borrow money against your bank, the money doesn’t come out of your policy. It comes out of a central pool of money you pay back. This confused me, but I’m sure it’s just because I’m missing something. I thought it did come out of your cash value.

Finally, just like Pamela Yellen from, George loves this wealth building strategy and highly recommends it. He says:

Your banking system can truly be a great wealth builder. Use it. (Page 124)”

Enjoy the book!

To your wealth and happiness!




Be Your Own Bank – Is This A Scam?

Family Bank -

Hi Friends,

It’s been a long time since I have posted in my forum. I have been preoccupied with my job and building WeLiveHereToo Publishing (Phonic For Us) company.

Recently, I have learned about a life-changing concept: Be Your Own Bank!

I have Mike Dillard (one of my favorite online marketers) to thank for this. Thanks, Mike! You see, I was watching one of his webinars to join his wealth-building program. Somewhere in the middle of it, while he was giving away high-level secrets of the rich, he mentioned “Family Bank“. Immediately fascinated, I took notes,  recorded the screen and started to research this “Be Your Own Bank” concept.

This post is a collection of all the resources I have gathered regarding the Be Your Own Bank wealth-building strategy.

  1.  Bank On Yourself – Bank On Yourself lets you bypass Wall Street, beat the banks at their own game and – finally – take control of your own financial future. It can help almost anyone – regardless of age, income or financial sophistication – reach their financial goals and dreams without losing sleep.
  2. The Benefits of Being Your Own Bank – YouTube video with great info.
  3. The Family Bank Strategy
  4. Bank on Yourself: Using Life Insurance as a Source of Liquidity – Explanation of Bank On Yourself.
  5. Becoming Your Own Banker – The FOUNDER of creating your own bank, Nelson Nash.

Not only is this NOT A SCAM, but a great way to fund your retirement, borrow from yourself instead of banks, and build wealth, all while buying death insurance.

My family recently bought me Pamela Yellen’s book Bank On Yourself. I am now reading it and will post my thoughts.

To your wealth and happiness!




Programming Your Mind with YouTube While You Sleep – Learning from YouTube AutoPlay


Lately, I have been falling asleep to YouTube. What I do is watch a video that relates to success and money, then I leave the YouTube “auto-play” function on. This allows YouTube to continue playing related videos while I sleep. I like this because I randomly wake up to great minds with good advice.

Last night, I fell asleep to a new guru named “Ameer Rosic“. He caught my attention with his “Sell Like A Boss” video.

This morning I woke up to Ameer interviewing a man named “Dan Pena”. Here’s the video…

Why did this catch my attention?

First – my brother’s last name is Pena. So I’m thinking, “Wow! A billionaire, latino named Pena? In the US? Is that possible?“. Apparently it is not only possible but reality. I’m happy to have found Mr. Pena.

Some information about Dan Pena:

In an 8-year period, starting with only $820, Mr. Peña grew Great Western Resources to $450 million while energy prices collapsed, the price of oil dropped from $40 to less than $8 per barrel and more than 10,000 energy companies in the US alone went out of business. During this massive energy decline GWRI grew a phenomenal 55 million percent.
Mr. Peña is an extremely dynamic and powerful speaker, motivator, and grand master entrepreneur. His Quantum Leap Advantage™ high performance business success seminars have been in demand in the United States, Canada and Europe. His seminars have been sponsored by various US and foreign universities and corporations such as Dell as well as The National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO).

Here’s more about Dan Pena:

Here’s the castle he lives in:

Enjoy 🙂

Napoleon Hill – The Science of Personal Achievement

Napoleon Hill - The Science of Personal Achievement

If you have been reading this blog, then you know what a huge Napoleon Hill fan I am!

I recently stumbled upon another great resource that he created when he was alive.

It can safely be said that Napoleon Hill’s principles have created more millionaires than anything else in history!

“I don’t think a day has gone by where the influence of The Science of Personal Achievement has not shaped my life in every way. Within a week of discovering the formula, I doubled my salary. And then, just to make sure, I deliberately redoubled it. I have since come to take such things for granted. Since then, I have been able to get everything I set my mind upon.”

 -Earl Nightingale –

Would you like to discover the 17 key principles that Napoleon Hill researched to turn simple thoughts into life-changing accomplishments?


Buy the audio below…

6 Secrets To Success – Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Secrets

Russell Brunson says…

All entrepreneurs need to know the following secrets.

Below are attributes of all entrepreneurs he has come in contact with.

Secret 1: Ready, Fire, Aim
> failure is closer to success!

Secret 2: Piles of Cash
> Find the person around you with the biggest pile of cash, and do what they say!

Secret 3: All I See is Gold
> Can’t let any obstacle in your way.

Secret 4: Ask the right questions
> How Can I…

Secret 5: Build Your Platform
> Build List
> Build Following

Secret 6: Consistent Leads
> Keep at it – be consistent

Secret 7: Pay Attention

I found this in a webinar this summer. I’m pretty sure it was for his “Invisible Funnel” product.

I was so impressed with the webinar, that I applied to his mentorship program. I was super surprised that his company called me. Unfortunately, it was a cost of anywhere from $8,000 – $25,000. I thought  perhaps another time in another dimension – lol.

I look forward to one day having that type of money to invest in my businesses.

Leave a comment below if you enjoyed the 6  secrets of entrepreneurs.


Money is Like a Seed. So Grow Rich Now!

Money is like a seed.
Money is like a seed.

Hi Friends,

Money is Like a Seed – have you heard of this simile?

Well, I stumbled across this article today and loved the comparison.

Here’s some text from the post.

Each dollar that comes in to your hand has the potential to be planted, grow, and expand into far more money. It’s no different than a farmer growing corn. You can either eat your seed, or plant your seed. One gives you satisfaction today; the other can feed your family for generations.

The capitalist class understands that time is the friend of money. Like a great oak tree from a tiny acorn, the longer capital can be left to grow, the larger the ultimate fortune will be.

 Using our earlier example, if the same teenager could earn 15% on his $10,000 annual investment instead of 12%, that seemingly small difference of 3% per year over 61 years would result in more than $336,000,000 in wealth.

Read More: