Be Your Own Bank – Is This A Scam?

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Hi Friends,

It’s been a long time since I have posted in my forum. I have been preoccupied with my job and building WeLiveHereToo Publishing (Phonic For Us) company.

Recently, I have learned about a life-changing concept: Be Your Own Bank!

I have Mike Dillard (one of my favorite online marketers) to thank for this. Thanks, Mike! You see, I was watching one of his webinars to join his wealth-building program. Somewhere in the middle of it, while he was giving away high-level secrets of the rich, he mentioned “Family Bank“. Immediately fascinated, I took notes,  recorded the screen and started to research this “Be Your Own Bank” concept.

This post is a collection of all the resources I have gathered regarding the Be Your Own Bank wealth-building strategy.

  1.  Bank On Yourself – Bank On Yourself lets you bypass Wall Street, beat the banks at their own game and – finally – take control of your own financial future. It can help almost anyone – regardless of age, income or financial sophistication – reach their financial goals and dreams without losing sleep.
  2. The Benefits of Being Your Own Bank – YouTube video with great info.
  3. The Family Bank Strategy
  4. Bank on Yourself: Using Life Insurance as a Source of Liquidity – Explanation of Bank On Yourself.
  5. Becoming Your Own Banker – The FOUNDER of creating your own bank, Nelson Nash.

Not only is this NOT A SCAM, but a great way to fund your retirement, borrow from yourself instead of banks, and build wealth, all while buying death insurance.

My family recently bought me Pamela Yellen’s book Bank On Yourself. I am now reading it and will post my thoughts.

To your wealth and happiness!




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