Free TV

We did it! We finally cut the cord. Well really it’s the 2nd time in the last 14 years. This time we really don’t miss cable tv!

Here’s what we use to keep up. Then I use $35 Chromecast device to send what I’m watching on my Chrome web browser up to the TV!


  • free for network channels like ABC, NBC, etc
  • – free movies, channel guide with schedule
  • – Free Seinfeld, Movies Sony Crackle made TV shows


  • – $8/month
  • – $8/month
  • – $9.99/month

Successful People who read Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich

Bill Gates (Microsoft Founder)

Daymond John (Fubu Founder, Shark Tank)

Patrick Bet-David (Millionaire Entreprenuer)

Grant Cardone (Millionaire Entreprenuer/Sales Master)

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I wanted to share this great FREE training on how to build your own bank. More details in video below.



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How Rich People Think Download

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I wanted to share this link I found today.

I hope it still works, as this book is an eye opener for any middle-class American who is looking to be a self-made millionaire.

A must read! Steve does a great job making 100 comparisons between how Middle Class thinks and Rich People think.

Here is the link:

If it doesn’t work, it’s very affordable on Amazon. Click below to buy paperback.


Buy Your Own Oil Well – Get Huge Tax Breaks


Need to thank the Elevation Group for this information.

For $80,000 to $100,000 you can buy your own oil well.

I have heard Robert Kiyosaki (who invests in oil fields) and other wealthy investors discuss investing in oil; however, of course they never give details. Oh, not that the Elevation Group has given much either, but they have at least made us aware of this.

The resources on this page say that if you invest $100,000 today, the government immediately give you tax break of $30,000.

Here are some resources on how to own your own well.

Here are some resources on controversial “fracking”. Just in case you are concerned or someone has attempted to sway you not to drill…be informed!


Raspberry Pi for Kids – Teach Kids to Program

Why raspberry pi?

-Teach kids how to unbox and put together their very own computer. It’s so cheap. The computer unit itself is $35!
-Can teach your kids to program in MIT’s Scratch programming language.
-The future is the internet of things (iOT)! Microsoft released an iOT Windows 10 version specifically for rasperry pi.
-Create something cool with your kids. Help them become entrepreneurs. Create a product to sell.

What do you need?

-Raspberry pi (suggest latest version they are faster).
-Monitor. (need hdmi to vga adapter if your monitor is VGA. the unit has HDMI).
-USB Keyboard and Mouse that is Linux compatible.
-See image below for exactly what I purchased.




Here are the links:

  1. Raspberry Pi 3
  2. Compatible Keyboard and mouse
  3. Raspberry Pi Book for Kids
  4. HDMI to VGA converter for your VGA monitor

Buy Apps – Don’t Build From Scratch

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So, I was up late and saw this great video by Tai Lopez. OMG…I was so inspired tonight…

Then I signed up for this site…

You can sell apps, too 🙂

What do you think?

Here are some rules from the video:

1) Hire CPA to confirm revenue.
2) Buy into industry you understand.
3) If possible, create earn out situation. Get help with business from owner.