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Here it is in a nutshell – by Jim Cochrum:
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I found Jim Cochrum thanks to Jay Boyer’s email this week. He sent me an affiliate link to check out Jim’s Proven Amazon Course system. I immediately jumped at the sales page, since I have been wanting to create an Amazon FBA business for a while now. However, I wanted to buy Amazing Selling Machine and the price for that was $3,500 last year. Presently, that is a bit too steep for me.

I immediately googled Jim and found his responses to the Warrior Forum members.


Here’s Jim’s responses in Warrior Forum – click image:


Then I read on the Warrior Forum that Jim had an ebook. I immediately went to Amazon and found his book.

Here’s Jim’s book (free with Kindle Unlimited) – click image:


While reading his book, I was pleasantly surprised that he also homeschools his kids. Jim is living the life that I want – the internet dot com lifestyle. I, too, want to have a home office so that I can take time off when I want and accompany my kids on their homeschool events.

Thank you, Jim! You are an inspiration 🙂  I have no doubt in my mind I can follow in your footsteps. Thank you for the book and the system you created.

Here’s Jim’s system (click image):


The cost is $267. You can do 3 payments of $89 to ease the cost a bit, which is what I will likely do.

Click on the link above and read his book today. It’s free with Amazon Kindle Unlimited!

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  1. Hi Vivian found you on YouTube tonight while scouring for landing page tutorials. Thought I’d stop by and leave you a message. You have a rather informative blog here. I am a 38-year-old WAHD from India with two little daughters aged 6 and 3. I am trying to build an online business on chosen micro niches with free resources. I am no match for your technical skills, but can follow step by step instructions. Can you help me with a few D-I-Y tips on how to go about linking a landing page form to receive subscribers responses onto a gmail account please ? Thank you. Wishing you all success in 2015 ! Cheers from India.

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