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I wanted to share this link I found today.

I hope it still works, as this book is an eye opener for any middle-class American who is looking to be a self-made millionaire.

A must read! Steve does a great job making 100 comparisons between how Middle Class thinks and Rich People think.

Here is the link:

If it doesn’t work, it’s very affordable on Amazon. Click below to buy paperback.


Buy Your Own Oil Well – Get Huge Tax Breaks


Need to thank the Elevation Group for this information.

For $80,000 to $100,000 you can buy your own oil well.

I have heard Robert Kiyosaki (who invests in oil fields) and other wealthy investors discuss investing in oil; however, of course they never give details. Oh, not that the Elevation Group has given much either, but they have at least made us aware of this.

The resources on this page say that if you invest $100,000 today, the government immediately give you tax break of $30,000.

Here are some resources on how to own your own well.

Here are some resources on controversial “fracking”. Just in case you are concerned or someone has attempted to sway you not to drill…be informed!