Break the Poverty Cycle – Family Bank

Break the poverty cycle – Family Bank –


Introducing Robert Zuniga from

Robert is another person that thinks like I do regarding the Family Bank concept.

I love this video “Why Is Understanding Human Factors Critical To The Infinite Banking Concept?“, because Robert explains – perfectly – how your Family Bank can break the cycle of poverty! He displays how you can influence generations to come.

Watch below…now! Must see!



Financing Your Business – Family Bank


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If you haven’t heard of the “Family Bank” concept – then here’s more information: FreePathToWealth Family Bank category.

Bottom line…you can pass on money from generation to generation – tax free!

I am constantly reading and watching videos on this life-freeing concept. I will be opening two policies this year via with an agent who has 7 policies herself.

FinancialFreedom Family Bank

You want to fund your own business – without the need for a bank? You can do this with your own Family Bank. No credit checks and no hassles. You just need to start now, so that in a few years – you are ready to become your own bank!

Here’s a great example! If you go the common route with a bank – you can save over $1 million dollars in 30 years for retirement.

If you use your own Family Bank, you can save over $30 million in 30  years for retirement!!!

That’s the difference between being poor or rich when you retire! Plus, you still have your death benefit for you family!

Don’t take my word for it…see the video below for proof!

 Here’s a podcast from Paradigm Resources that confirm the “Family Bank”.