Be Your Own Bank – Proof It’s Not a Scam!

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Hi Friends,

Last month I wrote this blog post, “Be Your Own Bank – Is this A Scam?” I have been researching this method to see if Pamela Yellen is the real deal. Well, she is the real deal! I found the method in a book written by George Antone titled The Banker’s Code.


If you want it free, download it here: The Banker’s Code.

Basically, Chapter 12 discusses the method of creating your own bank from life insurance policy. It does a great job explaining the difference between regular whole life insurance and this method.

Both standard permanent whole life insurance has and your bank method have 2 parts:

  1. Death Benefit
  2. Cash Value

The “typical” setup is to maximize the death benefit and minimize the cash value.

The create your own bank method is the other way around. You want to maximize cash value and minimize the death benefit.

Here’s a great visual from the book (page 119 of the PDF).

Create Your Own Bank vs Whole Life Perm Insurance

Here’s an excerpt from Chapter 12:

The banking system method allows you to recapture your interest. By simply using your banking system, you’re building wealth automatically. Now, let’s suppose you can buy some goods using your credit card. The credit card charges you 12% interest. Would you prefer to borrow money from your own banking system or from another bank? Obviously, if you’re going to pay 12% anyway, why not pay it to your own banking system? After all, where else can you make The banking system method allows you to recapture your interest. By simply using your banking system, you’re building wealth automatically. THE BANKER’S CODE an easy 12%? This is the same money you were going to pay to another bank regardless.

 Your goal should be to redirect, as quickly as possible, most of that 34.5% into your banking system.

 Perhaps it could be as simple as borrowing money from your system to pay off your credit cards, and then start making monthly payments to your banking system with the same money you would have used to pay your credit card bills.

I loved the book and highly recommend it. George Antone seems like a real expert in creating wealth. Plus he loves Robert Kiyosaki – which is always a big plus!

There are 2 takeaways for me that I intent to ask the advisers when I contact them in 2016 for a free consultation.

  1. George says he doesn’t see borrowing from your own bank for every single loan you need. He says you shouldn’t borrow for everything. He says on page 124, that if you have a load for 0% from a car dealer or a regular bank – that you should take it. The advisers imply that you should borrow from your bank for ALL your loans/expenses. From the book: Some “experts” are extreme advocates of using the banking system for any and every loan. I disagree. For example, if you can get an auto loan for 0% to buy a car, why would you use your banking system to do that? Use the third-party financial institution. Some of these “experts” insist on using your banking system to buy the car loan and charging yourself a higher interest! They’re not considering the opportunity cost. Just use common sense and ask a lot of questions!
  2. When you borrow money against your bank, the money doesn’t come out of your policy. It comes out of a central pool of money you pay back. This confused me, but I’m sure it’s just because I’m missing something. I thought it did come out of your cash value.

Finally, just like Pamela Yellen from, George loves this wealth building strategy and highly recommends it. He says:

Your banking system can truly be a great wealth builder. Use it. (Page 124)”

Enjoy the book!

To your wealth and happiness!