What is Success? Success is the Progressive Realization of a Worthy Goal – Earl Nightingale


Hi Friends,


What is Success?


Today, I was listening to Bob Proctor and he quoted Earl Nightingale.


Success is the Progressive Realization of a Worthy Goal

If a man is working toward a predetermined goal, and knows where he is going…that man is a success! If he is not doing that – he’s a failure.


(Ladies – let’s not get wrapped up in semantics. The recording was created back in 1956. When I hear the word “man”, I actually visualize a  person not a man. In this case, we can take the word “man” as just a general term for person…you know 🙂 Even the commentator for the video is a woman. It’s my impression, that Earl was pro-people and respected women. Go to 7:18 and listen to what he says about successful woman. Very nice!)



I wanted to share both videos with you. Below is my favorite Law of Attraction guru: Bob Proctor on finding your purpose in life. This is the video where he quotes Earl.


Thank you Bob & Earl! To this day, you are an inspiration!


Some other great quotes from the Earl Nightingale recording:


  • The opposite of courage is conformity.
  • That’s the reason they do it…cause everyone else is doing it.
  • Instead of competing all we have to do is create.
  • Key to success and they key to failure: WE BECOME WHAT WE THINK ABOUT.
  • If you think in positive terms, you will achieve positive results.
  • Three words: BELIEVE AND SUCCEED.
  • I’ll tell you who successful people are…
    • A success is the school teacher who is teaching school because that’s what she wanted to do!
    • The success is the woman who is the wife and mother because she wanted to become a wife and mother and is doing a good job of it!
    • The man who runs the corner gas station because that’s what he wanted to do!


Here’s to your success – my friends 🙂

Connect.Me.MD – Personal Health IT


As a Healthcare IT professional, I would love to help get patient information in the hands of the actual patient.

I write a bit about it here: http://hl7starterkit.com/personal-health-it-phit-how-can-we-help/

This post is a follow up to that post.

We definitely are on our way to making a difference in the patient/provider world.

Although, I can’t discuss exactly what our product will do.

I can say that it is in the Personal Health IT (PHIT) space and our name is:


Do Rich People Sleep? Sleeping Habits of the Rich and Famous

Sleeping Habits of the Rich and Famous

How much do you sleep?

This morning I was discussing time management with my brother. His top priority right now is to master time-management skills.

While I applaud him for being aware of how important it is to manage your time, I said to him jokingly…

Time management skills are great IF you have the time to manage – lol.

What I meant from that is – you have to have the time to manage, right? I mean seriously – if you run out of hours in the day while attempting to balance work, home, and entrepreneur life – well you are left with no time to manage at all!

Unless – of course – you steal more time by sleeping less! That’s what I’ve been doing lately – just staying up later and sleeping less.

Here’s my schedule…

  • From 9pm-5pm, I am an employee in the Healthcare Information Technology field.
  • From 5:30pm – 8pm, I am a mom and a wife.
  • From 9pm – my task is complete, I am an entrepreneur with both online and offline businesses.

So, on that note – I wanted to share this great article with you 🙂

  • Richard Branson sleeps 6 hours.
  • Thomas Edison slept 3 hours.
  • Winston Churchill took didn’t sleep in hours but minutes – he took naps.

Here is the link to this cool article: