Should You Offer Your Kindle Book on Amazon for Free?

Free Book Promotion was a success!

This is a really good question.

I am averaging one sale per day, so I am making money – however, I only had haters reviewing my book.

I read a great blog by Jane Friedman that mentioned some benefits to utilizing Kindle Select to run a Free Promotion Offer with Amazon Kindle Publishing.

Select is a tool, a tactic to help you achieve your goal. But first you need to decide on the goal. Are you aiming for income or exposure?

For me it was actually attempting to get better reviews, which she does mention.

This could lead to more reviews and increased sales of your other books, especially if you created an easy way for them to access the rest of your list via links in the back of the free book.

I even put out a promotion to pay people to get my book for free, read it, and I would pay them $10.

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Out of my 120 list of subscribers, I received one review. I am grateful for it and will be reviewing their book now as well.  I think if I had a bigger list, this would have worked very well. I also put the offer on my Facebook page.

I used Kindle Select to run a one day, free promotion offer: Dec 17 @ 7am to Dec 18 at 7am. I didn’t expect what happened.

Here are my realizations (these are “free” sales):

  • 7 sales within 2 hours.
  • 14 sales within 4 hours.
  • 35 sales within 24 hours.
  • Top 20 (top 100 free) in 3 different categories.



Was it worth it?

I say heck yeah! Now 35 new people have downloaded my book and hopefully read it. I have some YouTube video and Bonus links in the book, so hoping people follow me there, too.

So now my next question is…should I drop the price for more sales? I will report on that test next – stay tuned!

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