6 Secrets To Success – Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Secrets

Russell Brunson says…

All entrepreneurs need to know the following secrets.

Below are attributes of all entrepreneurs he has come in contact with.

Secret 1: Ready, Fire, Aim
> failure is closer to success!

Secret 2: Piles of Cash
> Find the person around you with the biggest pile of cash, and do what they say!

Secret 3: All I See is Gold
> Can’t let any obstacle in your way.

Secret 4: Ask the right questions
> How Can I…

Secret 5: Build Your Platform
> Build List
> Build Following

Secret 6: Consistent Leads
> Keep at it – be consistent

Secret 7: Pay Attention

I found this in a webinar this summer. I’m pretty sure it was for his “Invisible Funnel” product.

I was so impressed with the webinar, that I applied to his mentorship program. I was super surprised that his company called me. Unfortunately, it was a cost of anywhere from $8,000 Р$25,000. I thought  perhaps another time in another dimension Рlol.

I look forward to one day having that type of money to invest in my businesses.

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