Virtual Wholesaling – My Notes

Virtual Wholesaling
Virtual Wholesaling Blueprint – Check it out!

Thanks, to Cris Chico for making me aware of virtual wholesaling.

I find this a fascinating topic, so i watched ALL his videos. You should, too.

5 steps to first virtual wholesale deal

1. find highly motivated sellers
2. find best cash buyers
3. implement the right marketing
4. work less by using systems
5. make offers and close deals

Step 1: find highly motivated sellers

– lots of ways of finding deals – pre foreclosure lists, eviction lists, divorce lists, etc.. (NO, NO, NO) – lots of competition with these kinds of leads etc… lots of manual labor (bandit signs), high rejection rate, hard to do volume with this method

– go after the abundance !! – the “tired landlord”

– why tired landlords? – easy to find, start small and ramp up as you do more deals, very little competition, poor marketing to these leads can be bad!

– single family, duplex, triplex, fourplex // own property for at least 10 years , landlord must own property in THEIR NAME , focus on zip codes that have most investor buyer activity.

Step 2: find best cash buyers

CRITERIA for the best cash buyer:

> purchased an investment property in last 3-6 months
> target single family houses, duplex, triplex, or fourplex
> narrow down the zip codes to buyers who have bought in that area

Step 3: implement the right marketing

– Marketing is not a generic process
– Good old fahsioned mail is the KEY!
– mail is easy to get started, less competition with direct mail, no need to print anythinf or deal with grunt work, WILL NOT find tired landlords any other way.
– why do investors FAIL at direct mail? – very redundant and unoriginal.

STEP 4: work less by using systems

– Systems eliminate grunt work , allow me to focus on my business, lots less time and efort
– use online tools to find sellers, automated marketing, seller screening systems, buyer screening system, lead evaluation system , closing and collecting money system.
> finding sellers and buyers online: – // – CONTACT HIM FOR SPECIAL ACCOUNTS
> automate marketing using direct mail – -(we will be able to upload list and use his postcard template)
> Use 24-hour recorded message system – seller calls special number on postcards and listens to my recorded message // only the motivated sellers leave a message // eliminates the explainations , frees your TIME and LITTLE TO NO SELLING INVOLVED.
> CASH BUYERS? -same as seller method (from the 24 hour recorded message, the buyers will be directed to a website OR call a 24 hour recorded message)

* 1200 postcards for $400 – received 285 calls

STEP 5: make offers and close deals

– speaking with seller (use seller lead sheet)
– 15 second evaluation technique (if used correctly- there is no need to worry about repair estimate or looking at the property)
– make an offer right over phone!
– what happens when we find a deal? –
> fill out “risk free” agreement (there is both a seller and buyer agreement)
> sell the deal to buyers – if they say yes, use the asignment contract

Watch the FREE Virtual Wholesaling videos here:

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Money is Like a Seed. So Grow Rich Now!

Money is like a seed.
Money is like a seed.

Hi Friends,

Money is Like a Seed – have you heard of this simile?

Well, I stumbled across this article today and loved the comparison.

Here’s some text from the post.

Each dollar that comes in to your hand has the potential to be planted, grow, and expand into far more money. It’s no different than a farmer growing corn. You can either eat your seed, or plant your seed. One gives you satisfaction today; the other can feed your family for generations.

The capitalist class understands that time is the friend of money. Like a great oak tree from a tiny acorn, the longer capital can be left to grow, the larger the ultimate fortune will be.

 Using our earlier example, if the same teenager could earn 15% on his $10,000 annual investment instead of 12%, that seemingly small difference of 3% per year over 61 years would result in more than $336,000,000 in wealth.

Read More:


A Comparable Sale Must Have These 4 Criteria!

A comparable sale must have these 4 criteria's
A comparable sale must have these 4 criteria’s

 Hi Friends,

I found this great FREE Real Estate ebook called “Quit Your Job in 19 Weeks or Less” by

It discussed how to jump into real estate (flipping, wholesaling) to get out of the rat race. I’m all about having your own business, moving out of the E/S quadrant and moving into the B/I quadrant. Thanks to Rich Dad Robert Kiyosaki – I have found a proven way to financial freedom – real estate. Now it’s just time to implement and take action – learn, make mistakes, and never stop until I win!

Sorry about that…back to comparable home sales 🙂

When a real estate investor has to put a value on a house that is part of their deal, they need to find comparable sales in the area.

This free ebook had the following information…

A comparable sale must have these 4 criteria

1. Comparable sales must be within a 1 mile radius of the subject property.

2. Comparable sales must have closed with in last 90 days.

3. Comparable sales must be within 300 sqw of the subject property.

4. Comparable sales must be of like kind. (eg, single story to single story) 

Comparable Sales:

Knowing what the property is worth is one of the most important aspects of wholesaling properties. Not knowing value can cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

How to Comp a Property – THE FORMULA

You’re looking for 3 properties that have sold in the last 90 days that are within 300 square feet to one mile of the subject property.

Where to Find Comps:

1. This site is a good start. It will give you properPes that have sold within the neighborhood of your subject property.

2. This is another great site to find comparable sales.

3.  eApprasial: This is similar to the above tools; they’ll give you another perspective on the value of the property you’re trying to comp.

4.  MLS:  Multiple Listing Service. Real estate agents have access to all the properties that have sold using the formula above.
The Best Method to Determine Comparable Sales:

The best option is MLS comparable sales, because you can see all the pictures and comments about the property. I also use the websites to get an idea of what the property could be worth. Another effective way is to simply drive the neighborhood. You’re looking for houses that have realtor signs in the front yard.

Call the listing agent and ask them for the property details. You’re looking for how many bed and baths the property has, the square footage, the list price, the days on market and general condition of the property.

Knowing this information along with the properties that have recently sold will give you a good idea of the price the property could sell for.

Thank you,! This is great information.

Leave feedback if you know of any FREE sites to find comparable sales. I know is one free comp sales resource 🙂

Rich People Who Don’t Believe in God!

Bill Gates Athiest Agnostic
Bill Gates Athiest Agnostic

WARNING! DO NOT READ if you are offended by other people’s perspectives.

Hi Friends,

This is a very cool article of famous rich people who are either Athiest, Agnostic, or both. There is a difference between the two perspectives. An Athiest absolutely believes there is NO GOD! Just like Christians believe there IS A GOD! An Agnostic is Bill Gates perspective – they just are not sure.

The most shocking person I found on this list is both Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg!

The one I did know about was Howard Stern. He has been very vocal about his perspective.

Who surprised you? Leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading!

Here’s that link again: Rich People Who Don’t Believe in God!

I Did It. I Joined Rich Dad Education!


Hi Friends,

This weekend was HUGE for me.
Let me tell you why. I’m ready

If you have been reading any
of my emails or visiting my blog,
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I love his free information and even
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Here are some pics of the 3-day seminar:

I learned some credit fixing strategies
I will share with you in upcoming posts.

For now though, you should really consider
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