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Hi Friends,

Another FREE tool to help us on our Free Path To Wealth.

This is Joe Vitale from the movie “The Secret”. He’s one of the Law Of Attraction gurus.

He seems to be giving this Attract Money Now ebook away to get us to buy his coaching system.

I haven’t read it yet, since I found it today.

I like his energy and he makes a lot of sense.

Please leave a comment below, if you download and read it. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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Rich Kids Smart Kid – My Notes

Rich Kids Smart Kid
Rich Kids Smart Kid

Hi Friends,

I was so impressed with Robert Kiyosaki (yet again), so I wanted to share the book with you.

Robert’s ability to express his true opinion on education is amazing! He is so frank about how he feels and really one of the very FEW leaders out there who cares enough to spew the truth.

The book is: Rich Kid Smart Kid

My notes on the book are below:

Money does not make you rich. (Page 53)

Money should be working for you,
instead of you working for money. (Page 268)

Never Say, “I Can’t Afford It” (Page 54)

Rich and Smart Are Only Perceptions (Page 56)

If You Want to Be RIch, You Must
Do YouR hoMeWoRk. (Page 59)

Best Grades Don’t Count. (Page 86)

More important than learning
how to take tests for good grades, a
child needs to learn how to learn,
learn how to change, and learn how to
adapt faster than his or her
classmates. (Page 86)

Education is more important than ever before because things will
be changing faster than we have ever seen before. For the first time
in history, those who do well in school may face the same economic
challenges as those who did not do well (Page 5)

All of us need to pay attention when our bankers
ask for our financial statements instead of our report
cards. Your banker is trying to tell you something. (Page 5)

“A child’s most important
teachers are his or her parents.” (page 10)

Enough said, right?

You can download it at:

Born To Be Rich

Born TO Be Rich

Hi Friends,

I took an online tarot card reading from some site (can’t recall where) but Melody was the one who sent me the reading via email. Check her out at

Then Melody automatically sent my email to a psychic named Betha:

I’m not sure I belive in all this just yet; however, I do like what she said to me…

You were Born to be rich

You are destined to be rich

I’ll take that all day long! What do you think about Tarot Readings and Psychics? Do you believe in Law of Attraction?

Leave your comments below.


Rich Kid Smart Kid – Free Ebook

Today I received an email from Rich Dad website to remind me of the many downloads once you register.

I found this ebook: Rich Kid Smart Kid. It reminded me of how important it is to have our kids follow us on our journey to wealth. My daughter voluntarily joined me. Her website is here: Zoe’s Big Idea.

Anyhow, here’s the free ebook.


Rich Kids Smart Kid
Rich Kids Smart Kid