Fit To Wealth Challenge – T25 – Week 5 ALPHA

I am documenting my “fit to wealth” challenge here on my wealth site. I truly believe there’s a link between being super successful and fit.

How Do I feel?…

This week (April 28, 2014 – May 4, 2014)…

Ok, still feel very good despite the fact that I missed Friday’s workout. As I have previously noted, I have just bought a new home and we moved all of our furniture and boxes this weekend. So packing and moving this week did interfere 🙁

Ending on a Positive Note…

Although I did miss Friday and couldn’t make up the workout on Saturday either, I stayed where I was (no weight loss or gain) and am still on track.

Sunday (today) instead of doing the STRETCH workout, I did the CARDIO to catch up.

Good news is that I have now officially completed the 5 week ALPHA workout series for T25.

So, 30 days down and 60 to go! Next is Beta 5 Week T25 workout.

Thanks for reading!