Fit To Wealth Challenge – T25

I am documenting my “fit to wealth” challenge here on my wealth site. I truly believe there’s a link between being super successful and fit.

Shaun T - Focus T25
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What is T25?

T25 is a BeachBody product with Shaun T. He revised his Insanity workout to help people like me who just don’t like to exercise for long periods of time. I know most people say they don’t have time, but honestly for me – it is the lack of interest in spending that much time exercising.

In a nutshell, this is 25 minute workout plan for those who can’t/won’t do 50 – 60 mins. It’s perfect!

It is slotted to take 90 days of your time.

Overall, here’s the schedule:

  • Monday thru Friday: Exercise hard for 25 minutes.
  • Saturday: Rest and document your progress (weight and body measurements).
  • Sunday: Stretch routine.

There are 3 milestones:

  1. Milestone 1: Alpha Program, 5 weeks.
  2. Milestone 2: Beta Program, 5 weeks.
  3. Milestone 3: Gamma Program, 5 weeks.

That is 15 weeks by 6 actual days of exercise per week is 90 Days. (15 x 6 = 90)

Shaun T - Focus T25
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What is my personal plan?

If I start today, I will be done by July 4th weekend. I will use this blog to document this

Milestone #1 – Alpha – 5 weeks

  • Start: Monday, March 31, 2014
  • End: Sunday May 4, 2014

Milestone #2 – Beta – 5 weeks

  • Start: Monday, May 5, 2014
  • End:  Sunday June 8, 2014

Milestone #3 – Gamma – 5 weeks

  • Start: Monday June 9, 2014
  • End:  Sunday July 6, 2014

Why T25?

It’s short and hopefully sweet…lol.

  1. Feel good now.
  2. Look good to fit in old work clothes.
  3. Fibroids: balanced hormones, less estrogen will result in no cramps.
  4. Diverticular Disease: Moving around daily will help digestion issues.
  5. Want my kids to see a fit mom.
  6. Lay by my new pool in my new bathing suit.
  7. Less foggy feeling throughout the day – sharper at work.

Where did I buy it? Focus T25

What do I expect from completing T25?

  •  Feel as fit as I did when I was a high school athlete (worked out M-F).
  • Fibroids to shrink/disappear. Definitely no fibroid-related cramps.
  • Dark spots around eyes to fade/disappear.
  • Ability to wear a bathing suit (again).

Party July 4, 2014 weekend! Celebrate new Bridges certification, new house, new health, new body!

How will I stay motivated?

This blog will help me to stay motivated along with some other sites listed below.

  • YouTube – T25 result videos.
  • This site where I will document my progress weekly.
  • My new home – being able to fit into a bathing suit.


Join me – take the T25 challenge today!


Kevin Trudeau in Prison???!!!!

Ok, I’m feeling sad and angry about what I just read.

I first saw Kevin Trudeau on tv information for Mega Memory when I was 12 years old. Do you recall that one? I begged my mom and sold her on the idea that the product worked. We didn’t have a lot of money growing up, but she managed to scrap up the $55 or so to get the 10+ cassette tapes and books. It was the very first time in my life I ordered anything from TV. Did it work? Well, I would say some of it did. It was basically memory techniques to easily recall information. It made sense, but over the years we lost those tapes and I hadn’t heard of Kevin since. I just went on with my life.

Mega Memory

Then last summer, on a Law of Attraction resource search, I stumbled across Your Wish is Your Command online. I jumped on YouTube and found the entire 12 audio CDs . I instantly recognized Kevin’s face on YouTube and his voice on the audio and again I was sold. Although, I had already believed in the Law of Attraction…but what Kevin said made a lot of sense. I have listened to these 12 audios at least twice. A lot has changed in my life and part of the reason (I truly believe) is due to Kevin’s Your Wish is Your Command.

Kevin in the Your Wish is Your Command motivated me to…

  • Get off the couch
  • Be teachable (always!)
  • Stay happy

Now, what is wrong with telling people that?!? Nothing!

Listen for yourself below.

So, afterwards I started to follow Kevin and loved his views on natural medicine. Most of his opinions match mine and that of my naturalistic doctor, so I was excited to read his controversial book: The Weight Loss Cure ‘They’ Don’t Want You to Know About.

Today, I find out that this book is the reason why he’s in prison for 10 years? What is going on?

There are so many books on the subject, so why are they bothering Kevin? Well, the government had asked Kevin to give back $37 million of sales he received from this book, but kevin claims he doesn’t have it. Plus, he is standing behind the book’s claims and doesn’t understand why he is being singled out for his naturalistic views.

Hear more Kevin’s side of the story here…

I was very sorry to hear the US jailed him and perhaps there is a conspiracy or witch hunt here against him. You make your own judgment call.

So I suggest:

  1. Buy the book here and read it.
  2. Listen to Your Wish is Your Command audio series above.
  3. Listen to Kevin’s side of the story above.
  4. Visit the website he is affiliated with:
  5. Come back and comment here.

So, I say a big THANK YOU to Kevin for helping me with my memory and providing me a new view on the Law of Attraction.  Hang in there, Kevin. We will see you soon!

kevin trudeau



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Free “Get Rich” Audio Resources

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