10 Differences Between Successful People And You

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I woke up really early this morning (4am) and couldn’t sleep. Instead of watching my favorite tv series, I decided to read about self-made millionaires. So, I jumped on Google and found this great article, ” 10 Differences Between Self-Made Billionaires And You“.

So, really I was practicing #8 on this list…lol. How many do you practice daily?

I like this article, because each difference gives you an example of actual actions made by self-made billionaires.

Here is the list, but click the link above and read the full article.

  1. They recognize the value of simple ideas.
  2. They have incredible curiosity.
  3. They crash through obstacles.
  4. They are excellent problem solvers.
  5. They take risks.
  6. They have a great attitude.
  7. They monetize mistakes.
  8. They make use of boredom.
  9. They realize nothing happens overnight.
  10. Most importantly, they don’t try to do it alone.



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