My Path…My Family

Hi Friends,

My family and I are on a path to wealth. We just started; however, we are learning so much. For this reason, I built this site to document our journey.

This site will document…

1) Our Journey to asset collection.

2) Any free resources we find along the way.

Meet My Family…

I wanted to share these awesome pics of my toddler twins (2 years old). Also share my older kids’ focus on assets, too.

This is Manny below. He is the youngest of all, and also the youngest of the twins. I took this picture, because I hadn’t seen/held a $100 bill in my hands for years. With ATM cards, I never get to hold money anymore. So, I showed him this dollar bill and asked him to hold it up. He’s so cool, right?


Here’s Vi. She’s such a diva, as the our family pediatrician called it the day she met her. She knows she’s cool and loves to pose. Those are the coolest glasses, right? My 9 year old bought them for me, since she knows I am focusing on assets. She said she hopes the glasses will help me on my asset journey.


Acutally, Zoe has her own path, too.

Check out her Kid-Preneur site here:

Of course tonight, Niko, my 5 year old shocked me, too. Last week I bought the Robert Kiyosaki Real Estate kindle book. Well we have a standard kindle but he has a Kindle Fire. I guess when you buy an ebook, you can access it on all your Amazon devices. Tonight, he saw the new ebook show up on his Kindle Fire tablet. I heard him ask Mama Jen, “Mama, what’s this?“. Jen said, “Oh, that’s to learn how to buy the hotel you want!” Then I heard Niko ask, “Mama, can you read it to me? I want a hotel!“. I was so amazed and proud. I guess all the asset and Rich Dad talk is making an impression on Niko, too. So jen read him a few pages, before he fell asleep. LOL.

You can see why I love my family. They are so cool!

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